Neat Kitchen

The kitchen is the space that we prepare hearty meals for our loved ones and ourselves. However, most of our kitchen counter tops are clogged with containers, utensils, cook-wares and a whole array of kitchen appliances.

While most can live with the state of their disorganized kitchens, the issue becomes apparent when we try to locate a certain item in our kitchen and two hours later we still find ourselves wondering why we have so much things in our kitchen.

So, let’s get down to how we can make our kitchen tidier and less cluttered

1. Psychologically..

 The first step to declutter the kitchen is to declutter our mind. Disposing off that big plastic container a relative gave you 3 years ago, or putting away that nice set of cups may seem cruel. However, without the steely resolve to throw away certain objects, kitchen declutter would continue being a new year’s resolution on next year’s list.

After you are done surveying your kitchen counter, it’s time to start to make a list of friends and relatives that you can give your items to. Be sure that these are items that they would actually need. If not, they would end up doing some decluttering themselves too!

2. Turn your fridge (or any surface) into a spice rack

spice rack

One thing that we are not short of in our kitchen is herbs and spices. For most of us however, they are tucked away in a far-flung corner cupboard. Not only do these small bottles take up more space than they need, they are also inaccessible and thus rendering them almost unused after buying them.

A good way to keep them is to have them on a spice rack. In this example, the fridge is turned into a place for you to place your spices and condiments. Not only does these save you precious cupboard space, it also decorates your kitchen with its vivacious colours. Build your own

3. Utilize the space under the sink

kitchen sink space

One of the most under-utilized space in our kitchen is the space beneath our sink. You can hang 3M hooks and leave a few baskets to put sponges, rags or other gadgets that may come in handy in the kitchen. It also hides them from plain sight. Find out how to do this for your own kitchen here

4. Use bamboo steamers to store onion, potato and garlic


Store garlic and shallots in a bamboo steamer basket. The steamer protects the bulbs from being exposed to light thus keeping them cool. As the steamer is well-ventilated, it prevents the bulbs from getting mouldy. Whatever that you store in it, you could also use the steamer for steaming your dim sum or fish if need be

5. Magazine holder in the kitchen

plastic wrap in a magazine holder

Magazine holders can do amazing things for your kitchen. Use it to hold your groceries, cutting boards and to keep all the paper work/recipes organized. Find out how to create your own here

7. Tissue box for plastic bags


Dispense plastic bags with ease. Just stuff them into an empty tissue box and pull the bags out one at a time. You can have a different tissue box for plastic bags of different sizes. 

8. Invest in a kitchen appliance that prepares and cooks

With 13 cooking functions, Supercook is a versatile and smart all-in-one appliance designed to simplify your cooking. It does everything from rasping, frying, steaming, stewing and making dough, to chopping, mincing, pureeing, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and stirring.

The Yumi app that comes with the Supercook guides you step-by-step through recipes for delicious preparations. On top of that, you can use manual mode to experiment with new recipes or make your own creations however you want.

With such an extensive range of cooking functions, you can save space and money in your kitchen. Just one Supercook is enough to solve all your cooking needs.