The warranty is for one year and covers parts and labour. Additional accessories that you may need can be purchased online.
The current WIFI version is exactly the same. Only difference is the plug that is being used. However, the machines purchased in Australia are not covered under Singapore warranty.
It prepares for a family of 5. Three cups of rice can be cooked with the cooking basket. Up to 2L of soup can be cooked with the cooking bowl.
After unboxing, it measures 45cm (l) x 30cm (w) x 40cm (h). Around the dimensions of a medium-sized microwave oven.
It can be removed. Its portability allows it to be carried around and plugged into other Supercook units. Also, it can be kept out of the reach of young children easily.
We are fully confident of our product and how it can greatly help you in the kitchen. However, if it does not suit your needs, you can return it within 14 days, no questions asked